Breakfast Anyone?


Our promise to you, our guests, is to always strive to make a breakfast that you wouldn't make for yourself; Something extravagant, decadent and delicious like our Creme Brûlée French Toast (pictured) or perhaps wild mushroom and sausage shortcake.  

This beautiful region of Northern Michigan offers some of the most delicious produce and vegetables and we use them in so many ways.  Asparagus Veloute with poached egg and Swiss cheese can be proceeded by a delicious peach soup and fresh baked French bread with cherry preserves.  

If Sweet is your thing then perhaps we will make you Belgian waffles with local maple syrup and fresh fruits.  Orange and cranberry pancakes are a fall favorite.  

The array of goodies are endless and you really never know what delicious treats await you here at The Spring Lighthouse. 

(Future blog posts of Fantastic Foods will often contain recipes you can use at home!)




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