The Road Less Traveled


Yes, I know it's such a cliche.  But I happened to love Robert Frost and I love the country roads in Northern Michigan.

As the colors start to turn and the air begins to whisper of winter my mind starts to travel the beautiful drives that our area affords us.

M119 ~ The tunnel of trees.  One of the most breathtaking drives in any season but decked out to the fullest in the fall.

M72 (between Traverse City and Kalkaska) ~ Another drive that never disappoints.  Barker Creek area is especially beautiful with glimpses of Skegamog Lake.

M 22 ~ from Traverse City to Northport and back down again, this drive can easily take all day.  Stop for great food and libations, wander thru eclectic shops and don't miss the little towns south of Lake Leelanau; Maple City, Cedar and Lake Ann to name a few.

Every Michigander has their favorite color tour drive.  Comment below and let me know yours!




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